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Discusses Women's Health

August 31 marks the end of my office practice. Over the past decades (for many more than three!), I was able to help my patients conceive, or provide contraception so they would not, deliver their babies, treat infections, detect cancer, perform surgeries, treat hormonal symptoms from peri-menopause to menopause, diagnose health conditions and I hope, encourage a healthy lifestyle. I’ve had the privilege of sharing with my patients the hallmark events of education, career, love, marriage, family attachment, detachment and yes, the death of loved ones. And we’ve even managed to discuss politics during exams. It’s been an amazing journey.

I sent a letter to all my patients in May announcing that I was closing the practice. I wrote then and repeat now that this has been a very difficult decision. I will sorely miss the close relationships I have formed with my patients over all these years. Many of you have become friends and my friends have become my patients. I saw many of you for one last visit before the end of this month. But my office schedule could not accommodate everyone…. For those of you who did not come in to get your charts, know that if you saw me over the last four years, your records have been digitized and sent to a HIPPA compliant medical record storage company. They can be accessed through https.//www.ordermedical You can also call Datafied at 800–765–7510.

I want to thank my patients who sent me beautiful cards and letters thanking me for their care. Know that I’m saving all of your notes; your kind words have touched me deeply. I have been honored to be a part of your life and your health.

I hope to continue writing my website so that I can continue our virtual partnership in health. So please stay posted!

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