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I am extraordinarily lucky to be celebrating the holiday in Hawaii. What a wonderful place to view the ocean, beaches, green vegetation (so absent in drought plagued California) and yes the surfers, who are extraordinarily fit.

As the New Year approaches, I know many of us make resolutions. I have tried to keep one that has received ongoing attention from just about every medical society and was recently highlighted in the year-end issue of JAMA. So after a long walk on the beach here it is…

EXERCISE: In a recent call to action (or what I would call a “get off your tush”) the American Heart Association highlighted the fact that a lack of physical exercise represents a leading cause of death worldwide! Scientific research has shown that regular physical activity protects against nearly every major chronic disease including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline, obesity, certain cancers and depression. No single treatment can give us this vast array of benefits or increase our lifespan and health span!

Yes, I got to walk for an hour on the sand of a gorgeous beach. But hey, just 30 minutes a day of moderate walking anywhere, using one of those gym machines for 30 minutes (I do the elliptical runner), walking a dog that does not take too many pee stops, or just making sure you get 10,000 steps (OK at least 5,000) recorded on the health app of your iPhone can do the trick.

We have only one body. And each of us is in charge. So let’s charge into 2016 with the resolution to move! And with this I wish all my readers a happy and healthy New Year!

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