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Discusses Women's Health

The Big C is now the title of a show, but the term is one that has always been the source of great fear. Many of my patients come in to the office asking to be screened for ovarian cancer. If you have a family history of ovarian cancer, multiple relatives with breast and/or colon…

My newsletter just had its birthday! It’s also mine…and as I accept the challenge of getting older and acknowledge the privilege of living longer than most women in the developing world, I’m allowing myself a moment (or at least several paragraphs) of reflection.  Over the past three years, I’ve covered journal articles that I felt…

A new article in the Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology aptly titled “In the Trenches” emphasizes the importance of checking your urine.

The authors of the study suggested that coffee drinking reduces stroke by decreasing mild inflammation, acting as an antioxidant and improving insulin sensitivity

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