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Discusses Women's Health

As most of you know there are 2 kinds of herpes infections:

Just to remind you: colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in women. (The leading cause is lung cancer …remember when we were told we’ve come a long way “baby”… the second cause for cancer death is breast cancer.) Over 70,000 women develop colorectal cancer in the USA every year and more than 24,000 die from this disease.

Does holding that cell phone to your ear (rather than using a Bluetooth or the speaker) increase the risk of brain cancer, or change brain function?

Our risk of breast cancer is high…one in eight over our lifetime. (I now consider a lifetime to be 90, my Dad’s birthday was this week; he turned 91… happy birthday, Dad!). The good news is that improved treatments and early detection have significantly improved survival and long-life expectancy in women with a personal history…

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