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We could ask our kids (rarely works), speak to the school administrators (they are probably the last to know),  read Seventeen and Cosmo or just look with despair at the promiscuous styles offered to and requested by young girls (and boys).

In my perusal of journals, I found a fascinating study which addresses this question. It comes from the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted from 1999 though 2007. (Remember it takes a year or two to collect, analyze and publish information of this sort, hence it did not include ‘08 and ‘09.) Researches analyzed data from this survey to determine age at first intercourse in 66,882 black, Latino and Latina, white and Asian students in grades 9 though 12. According to the students’ anonymous self reports, the probability for “coital debut” by their 17th birthday (I’m assuming they meant vaginal intercourse, the use of euphemisms in medical reportage is astounding!) was: 82% for black males, 74% for black females, 69% for Latinos, 59% for Latinas, 53% for white males, 58% for white females, 33% for Asian males and 28% for Asian females

Now before we take this report and approach our children or grandchildren with queries as to whether they fall into the above listed statistics (“did you or didn’t you?”), I should point out that the survey was based on self-reported data. Girls are more likely to underreport sexual activity, whereas boys tend to over report. The survey did not stratify the groups by parental income or educational level, nor did it differentiate between public or private school attendance. And the study did not include youths who had dropped out of school (who would, most likely, skew early coital debut to higher probability).

I realize that parents don’t always like to look at gross statistics when it comes to their own progeny. But this large study does show us that a majority of teens self report that they were sexually active before the age of 17. It’s way better than rumors… and should help parents decide when to make sure that their daughters have access to appropriate contraception. (This may have the appearance of a plug for Planned Parenthood and I should disclose that in the past I was on the board of the LA chapter of this organization). We know that timing is important for HPV vaccination. The best results will be achieved if the vaccine is given before a girl becomes sexually active. Hence most pediatricians now discuss this with parents at a time when they are not quite ready to consider that their “little girl” will engage in sexual activity. But they will… Finally this survey emphasizes what we already know; all young teens should be taught about STD’s and the need for protection before they have that first, often too early, sexual encounter.

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