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  • We Are Not Doing Well

    We Are Not Doing Well

    For Mother’s Day, “Save the Children” released its report on The State of the World’s Mothers. This year they concentrated on The Urban Disadvantage. Every day, 17,000 children die before reaching their fifth birthday. Many of these preventable deaths occur in city slums where overcrowding and poor sanitation exists. Half the world’s population currently lives...Read More »
  • Becoming a Mother: the brave new world of egg freezing

    Becoming a Mother: the brave new world of egg freezing

    Next week after we celebrate Mother’s Day, I will report on the state of the world’s mothers from data that was just released by “Save the Children”. But this week, I thought I would be more uplifting and talk about the advances in freezing eggs which can allow women to become mothers when they otherwise...Read More »

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