I am so pleased you could join me here on my Web site. My goal is to update you on some of the latest and most important studies and recommendations pertaining to women’s health.

I look forward to your comments and feedback.

Yours, in good health!

Dr. Judith




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  • Vitamins, Jordan and Me

    Vitamins, Jordan and Me

    Once more I am traveling and I dutifully brought vitamins with me.  (More about where I am and what I’m doing, below…)  I have been unable to find where I packed them for the last four days, but my concern has been lessened by the fact that I’m eating well and just read an editorial...Read More »
  • Blank 135

    Blank 135

    I just returned from some terrific travel. I was in Italy and Tel Aviv (fun and family) and a week later, I flew to New York. This last trip was for the Save the Children gala. Once more we celebrated and honored those who helped the organization save newborn lives, provide prenatal to mothers and...Read More »