I am so pleased you could join me here on my Web site. My goal is to update you on some of the latest and most important studies and recommendations pertaining to women’s health.

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  • A warm shalom from Tel Aviv!

    A warm shalom from Tel Aviv!

    I am writing this friday’s website article from Tel Aviv. I came to (a) see my daughters and (b) attend The International Women’s Forum World Cornerstone Conference. Most importantly the girls are great, my two grandchildren adorable and my younger daughter’s identical twin pregnancy is now 28 weeks (but she looks term and is having...Read More »
  • In honor of Mother’s Day…

    In honor of Mother’s Day…

    In honor of Mother’s Day, various organizations have been talking about the importance of mothers, (obvious), their needs and their resilience. Last Monday I was invited to attend an evening sponsored by Save the Children to listen to a presentation of, “The Shriver Report Snapshot: Insight into the Complex American Mom: what she needs, wants...Read More »