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  • Vaping and Health: The Impact of Electronic Cigarettes

    Vaping and Health: The Impact of Electronic Cigarettes

    I have just returned from my trip to Italy and Israel. In both countries I saw young people smoking, but the prevalence seemed less than that which I’ve noted in the past. (Clearly an observation which I cannot proffer as a scientific fact.) What I did not observe was the use of electronic cigarettes. I...Read More »
  • Yogurt and Bone Health

    Yogurt and Bone Health

    I’m going to the land of milk, honey and yogurt.  I’ll be in Tel Aviv for the next few weeks.  So I felt it was quite timely that I happened to come across an article posted on the internet site Medscape from the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research 2016 Annual Meeting.  (The meeting...Read More »