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  • Medicare and Medicaid at 50

    Medicare and Medicaid at 50

    Happy birthday to our public health insurance programs! A recent article in JAMA reported some impressive statistics about them that I thought were worth sharing … Medicare and Medicaid serve 111 million beneficiaries and account for $1 trillion in total spending. They generate 43% of hospital revenue and represent 39% of national health spending. One...Read More »
  • Not Pleasant but Life Saving

    Not Pleasant but Life Saving

    I just passed my Cologuard test. No, there’s no grade it’s just a result that’s negative or positive and thankfully my test was negative. I have discussed this colorectal cancer test in a previous article, but to review…It is a stool test that can ascertain the presence of abnormal DNA due to advanced adenomas (considered...Read More »

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