I am so pleased you could join me here on my Web site. My goal is to update you on some of the latest and most important studies and recommendations pertaining to women’s health.

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  • Who Should be Taking Aspirin?

    Who Should be Taking Aspirin?

    There are many physicians who suggest that their patients take low-dose aspirin for ten years or more to prevent cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer. Should everyone over the age of 50 be doings this? Well sure enough, there was a viewpoint article about this issue in this week’s issue of JAMA. The authors (physicians at...Read More »
  • Salt Choices and Saving Lives

    Salt Choices and Saving Lives

    I’m not the only one that expresses strong viewpoints (which I admit can be annoying, especially for my family). This week’s JAMA published a very opinionated article in its viewpoint section with accompanying statistics that are so significant that I feel compelled pass on… The article, written by the director of the CDC, expresses outrage...Read More »